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Think Outside the Box- Ways to Engage your Client

"'s the little things you can do for them to make their day brighter." -Anna (HomeCourt caregiver)

At HomeCourt Home Care, we know how special it can be to spend time with the elderly. Hearing their stories and connecting in special ways is a very rewarding part of our caregivers' day! We have gathered some fun ways to enrich and deepen the connection between client and caregiver.

  • Arts and Crafts- painting and sculpting has been proven to help promote better cognitive function and can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. The possibilities are endless with this category- writing, painting, crafting, playing an instrument, listening to music, and more. These activities can open up opportunities to talk about wonderful memories of favorite songs and other memories.

  • Sharing a Meal- mealtimes for seniors can be challenging and lonely. Try cooking or baking something together and sharing a meal together. Mealtimes are important as food is such a fundamental part of the human body. Make it an enjoyable experience by turning on music while you cook or eat, try a new recipe (be mindful of any diet restrictions), or help them create a meal plan for the week.

  • Play games- board games, card games, and puzzles are all great ways to stimulate the brain and help with memory and cognitive function. Not to mention playing games is fun! Games offer a great chance to connect and bond, to laugh and relax!

  • Enjoy nature- there are incredible health benefits of being out in nature. It can boost cardiovascular and metabolic health, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, boost energy levels, and improve memory and concentration. Going on a relaxing walk at a park or taking an outdoor picnic, or even sitting on their porch and enjoying a sunset opens opportunities for talking.

  • Scrapbooking- Scrapbooking is a great way to help your loved one or elderly client save those special memories, be crafty, and open up conversations about memories from long ago!

  • Gardening- Does your client or loved one enjoy plants? Try gardening together! Being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and taking care of plants and flowers is a great activity for people of all ages. There are also health benefits to gardening- it improves your mood, reduces stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, improves hand strength, and gives you a boost of Vitamin D! (Caregivers, please keep in mind the extent of gardening that we are allowed to do under our license!)

Get to know your client and find special ways to be a bright spot in their day! Each person is unique and will enjoy doing different things. Be flexible and think outside the box!


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