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Family Caregiving

Family caregiving is becoming more and more common. Over 41 million Americans provide unpaid care to a relative or friend. Statistics show that adults caring for an elderly loved one spend on average, an equivalent number of hours providing care as those working at a full-time job. These individuals may also have jobs or their own families to take care of. These caregivers can often experience what the industry calls "burnout"- a state of emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion. This can lead to physical and emotional health problems, financial strain, and more.


We can help! If you are caring for a loved one and need some assistance, please reach out and let us see how we can help you. We can provide financial assistance by having you become a paid caregiver, if your loved one meets the necessary eligibilty requirements. We also provide respite care, so you can take a needed break. See how it works below: 

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Contact Us

Call us at (260) 333-1114 to see if you meet the requirements for this program. We can help walk you through the necessary steps. Some things to know:


  • The client must be approved for Medicaid Waiver, VA benefits, or have long term care insurance.

  • The caregiver cannot live in the same home as the client.  

  • More than one person caring for a loved one? No problem! We can have multiple family caregivers split the time in a structured schedule. 

The Process

The caregiver will go through orientation to become an employee of HomeCourt Home Care. 

The intake process for a client is simple- we come to your home to go over a service plan and complete the necessary paperwork. 


The care you have always given to your loved one won't change. We offer financial support to those who are dedicating a large portion of their life to care for their loved one.  

We can also provide respite care by having other caregivers come to the home if you will not be home but would like the confidence that your loved one will be well taken care of. 




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