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Interview: Jessica

I have been a Service Coordinator with HomeCourt since September 2021. My job consists of working with a multitude of clients, families, and caregivers on designing a schedule that works for all of them.

This sometimes requires a lot of puzzling to make the best fit and fulfill the ideal schedules for

everyone. We also work with families, case managers, home health companies, and other resources to

help each client get the best care.

I love the day-to-day- sometimes we come in and we know it’s just going to be busy and other days we

come in we know it's going to be quieter, but this is a great time for us to clean up things that may get missed on the busy days.

I am truly blessed to work for HomeCourt. The owners of HomeCourt are the kindest people and have the most passion for providing our communities with the best service they can! They will go above and

beyond for us here in the office, our caregivers, and clients to make sure we have all that we need to provide excellent services. HomeCourt has provided a great career opportunity for me and my family-making it possible for my family to always be #1 and allows me to be present as a wife and mom!

Outside of work I spend my time with my husband, Taylon, and our boys: Keaten (14) and Paxten (10).

We have two Golden retrievers, Gemma and Sadie Mae. We love to spend time outdoors whether that’s

at home, camping, or hunting. One of my favorite things to do is vacation, but who doesn’t enjoy that!!

I do not have specific hobbies; I am that person who has multiple hobbies and bounce from one to the

next quickly- I enjoy reading, sewing, repurposing furniture, gardening, and crafting.

I love getting to know people and finding out what makes them tick. I take pride in being able to listen to

people and help solve a problem big or small and make a difference. I feel like we form unique connections with each client and caregiver in our own way and most times we never meet them face-to-face, but you feel like you know them so personally!


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