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Angie Arnold is our Family Caregiver Coach who oversees the Structured Family Caregiving program, including on-site coaching visits and training. She is knowledgeable and hard-working, her laughter is contagious, and she brings so much to our team! Here is a little more about this awesome lady:

How long have you been working at HomeCourt Home Care?

Almost 2 years!

What is your role at HomeCourt?

I wear many hats here at HomeCourt, from performing regular visits with our families to community engagement and marketing.  I work with families on the Structured Family caregiving program by providing education and resources to help them thrive in their roles. In addition, I work with all clients to make sure documentation and service plans are up to date and accurate for their specific needs. I also enjoy creating marketing materials and content for our social media pages.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting and developing relationships with the families we provide services to and our many clients. I also love our team that keeps HomeCourt Home Care going forward!

About me:

I am Mom of 3 beautiful humans ages 19, 13 and 12, along with one 4-legged furry friend, Jax. I love to be outside any chance I get from hiking to relaxing in the sun.  My family is very small and very close.  We spend most weekends all of us together doing something- from dinners to game nights to vacations. I'm so thankful for them!  I have taken up reading over the last 6 months and have enjoyed getting lost in books in the evening.  Working out is my happy place and I enjoy the community that is at the gym- the environment and encouragement is inspiring.


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