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Caregiver Spotlight | June 2019

Congratulations to Tiffany S. on her achievement of "Caregiver Spotlight" for the month of June! Tiffany has been a valuable part of the HomeCourt Home Care team since July 2018!

Tiffany is a loving mother of 2 boys; Micah, who is 16 and Caleb who is 20. She has been married to her husband, Kent, for 30 years! As a family, they enjoy being outdoors, hiking, biking, and gardening. Tiffany's favorite season is SUMMER! In her travels, she shares that Turkey Run and Washington DC are two of the most interesting places she has visited. Her favorite movie is "War Room". Tiffany has a few hidden talents - including fishing, cross stitching, and dancing!

We know Tiffany, here at HomeCourt Home Care, as being a very personable and caring individual. She is always willing to help out when needed, whether that's with a client or a fellow caregiver. Tiffany truly cares so much about her clients, and is someone we can always count on! She exudes positivity and has a contagious smile!

"I love helping my clients on anything!" Tiffany says.

Thank you Tiffany for being a part of our team - we are so thankful to have you!!

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