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What First-Time Caregivers Need to Know

Are you new to caregiving with HomeCourt Home Care?

Are you curious about caregiving, but nervous about starting something new?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, we have some tips for you! The first time meeting a new client can be intimidating if you are unprepared. Here are some simple first steps to help you in your first shift.

  1. Be prepared. When the scheduler calls you to go over a new case, take lots of notes. Sometimes there are special instructions like which door to enter, or special care instructions.

  2. Introduce yourself. A genuine, friendly smile does wonders to break the ice!

  3. Take some time to talk. Get to know your client and tell them a little about yourself. No super personal details here, just let them get comfortable with you. Think about what you would like a new person coming into your home to act like.

  4. Familiarize yourself. Learn where things are like the client's bedroom, bathroom, the client's HCHC folder and notebook, etc. Read up on the service plan to know what tasks you should be doing. Read the caregiver notebook to get to know the routine and anything you may need to know about the shift before yours.

  5. Enjoy your visit. Caregiving can be very rewarding and should bring you joy and fulfillment knowing that you are making a difference in your client's life. You are a bright spot of their day!

  6. Call with questions. Remember, you can always call the office with questions or if you need support! We are here for you!


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