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The Safe Way to Take Medicine

Do you have a long list of medication you are supposed to take every day? Is it hard to keep track of everything? Do you sometimes forget to take your medication or have a hard time remembering the do's and don'ts for each one? Here are some great tips to staying organized with your medication!

Make Lists. This is convenient to take with you to doctor appointments, and to have handy so someone else knows your medication schedule. Keep a list close to where you keep your medications, and a list in your purse or wallet.

  • Write down each drug/supplement name, the doctor who prescribed it, the dosage, and directions

  • The name and amount of each remedy, vitamin, and OTC drug you take

  • The time of day you take each medicine

  • The purpose of the medication

  • Date started

  • Color/shape

Stay on track. Ask someone you trust to help you keep track of your medicine if you have trouble remembering to take it.

  • Put notes around the house to remind you to take your medication each day.

  • Use a pill box

Questions to ask your doctor. Take a list of questions to ask your doctor at each appointment if you have questions about any of your medicines. Here are some sample questions to ask:

  1. What is the name of the medicine and why am I taking it?

  2. What medical condition does this medicine treat?

  3. How many times a day should I take this medicine? How much should I take?

  4. How long will it take for this medicine to work? When should I stop taking it?

  5. What if I miss a dose?

  6. Are there any side effects I should know about? When should I call you if I am having side effects?

  7. Can I safely mix this medicine with the remedies, vitamins, and OTC drugs I am taking?

The National Institute on Aging's website Site Search | National Institute on Aging ( has many tips and printable spreadsheets to help you stay organized with your medication! There are all kinds of resources available to help so you are in the best health possible.

Source: National Institute on Aging National Institute on Aging (



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