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Spotlight- Lindsay Gentis

Heath and Lindsay Gentis started HomeCourt Home Care in 2017 and have nurtured the business and helped it grow so much in the 4 years it has been in operation. We asked Lindsay some questions so you have a chance to get to know her!

  • Tell us a little about yourself: Heath & I opened HomeCourt in 2017 with the desire to help seniors in our community. Before opening HomeCourt, I was a dental hygienist for 9 years. We are blessed with 4 children, ages 9, 6, 4, and 4.

  • What do you love about your job? I love coming to work every day & seeing the impact HomeCourt is having on the community - both the seniors & families we care for and the amazing staff of employees we have!

  • What is your favorite dessert? I think I love all desserts! Especially anything peanut butter or chocolate!

  • What is your favorite holiday? Hands down - Easter! I think each year the magnitude and goodness of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection sinks in more and more and I'm just overwhelmed by it all.

  • Do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee over tea, but diet coke over coffee ;)

  • What is your favorite flower? Any "flowers" (usually weeds, ha!) that my kiddos pick for me in the summer. Runner up - I love tulips.

  • What is your favorite vacation spot? Heath & I love Arizona when we have time to ourselves, but our favorite spot to visit as a family is anywhere along Lake Michigan.

  • Where is one place you have always wanted to visit? I don't really have a specific place I want to visit in mind - I love exploring any new places as long as my favorite people are with me!

  • If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be with? We adopted our daughter Emma from China in 2018. I would love to meet her birth momma and assure her of her how loved and cherished Emma is and that she is thriving. I would love to tell her how much God loves her and loves Emma.

Here is what some of us here at HomeCourt have to say about Lindsay!

"Lindsay is a role model for women in business! She not only juggles a full-time busy work schedule, she is a wife and mama to 4 beautiful children. Lindsay loves Jesus, she has a special gift of making people special and she makes it all seem so effortless. Personally, I’m proud to call her family! She is a wonderful person and I thank the good Lord everyday she married our son. HomeCourt Home Care is blessed to have Lindsay leading the company!!!" - Laura Gentis

"Lindsay is a wonderful boss! She is always patient and kind, confident and knowledgeable, and has such a loving heart for everyone! We all feel truly blessed to work for her!" -Office Staff (Jama, Jamie, Haley)

(We love showering her with love, especially on her birthday!!)


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