Spotlight- Jamie Haight

Jamie is one of our schedulers here at HomeCourt. She coordinates the schedules for our clients and caregivers to make sure our clients get the care they need. She is also continually recruiting new caregivers to join our growing team. She brings a lot of fun to the office! Let us introduce you to her!

Tell us about yourself : I am married to a law enforcement officer and I love being a part of the thin blue line family. I have been extremely blessed with two amazing sons. My life is surrounded by great friends and family, whom I am so incredibly thankful for. I feel like I was meant to be here at HomeCourt, it was all definitely in God's timing. The people here at HomeCourt have become my family. How long have you been with HomeCourt Home Care? I've been with HomeCourt Home Care since November of 2020. What is your favorite part about working here? I love coming to work every day & feeling like I am making a difference. I enjoy the relationships that are created whether it is with the office staff, the clients or our caregivers. I also feel so appreciated and valued as an employee here. What is your favorite dessert? I love anything chocolate and every flavor of cheesecake. OH, and ice cream. I guess sweets are my weakness! What is your favorite holiday? Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. The stresses of it can sometimes be much, but the true meaning of Christmas just moves me. I also love all the traditions made and being with family. What are some of your hobbies? I have many hobbies. I mostly enjoy shopping! People would say I have a shopping problem. I love laying out and just soaking up the sun and listening to music. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends.

Do you prefer coffee/tea? Coffee, but I do love me a cold Diet Dew! What is your favorite flower? Sterling Roses, like the movie, Bed of Roses. Where is one place that you have always wanted to visit? Anywhere HOT and tropical... I love being in the SUN! This year it is the Mountains, my oldest son has recently moved to Wyoming and my heart is there with him. I get to visit him in July and I can hardly wait! What would you do with $1 million? With 1 million dollars, I would live comfortably, build myself and my kiddos our dream homes. I would travel as much as I possibly could and I would give back any way I could. AND DEFINITELY DO A LOT OF SHOPPING! If you could have coffee with anyone (from the past or present), who would it be with and why? I would love to have a Diet Mt Dew with my sister. She would never touch coffee, but she was a Diet Mt Dew addict. We sadly lost her two years ago. Her passing was such a shock. I would tell her everything I wished I had said when she was here. There was so much left unsaid. I would assure her how much I love her, how much of a blessing she was and how much she is missed everyday.

Here is what some of the other staff members have to say about Jamie:

"When Jamie started working for HCHC we quickly became great friends. Jamie is always striving to build great relationships with the caregivers and the office staff. She is dedicated to her position and wants the clients to get the help they deserve. Jamie is very personable and friendly. She isn't just beautiful on the outside, but just as much on the inside. She is my right-hand woman! When I need something done I know she will do everything it takes to complete the task. I wouldn't be able to do my position without her. She brightens up the office with her playfulness and great sense of humor. She is always there when I need someone to talk to. She loves to have fun, and not a day goes by without us teasing each other. I look forward to seeing her beautiful smile every day. Jamie is a huge asset to our work family. I truly love her, and I'm so thankful for all she does. I'm thankful God answered my prayer and sent Jamie to us!! We love Jamie!!" - Jama

"Jamie has been such a welcome addition to our team! She is kind, funny, VERY stylish and we are so thankful for her! Jamie is always willing to listen to our caregivers and let them know they are valued and appreciated. Jamie is a person that people want to get know - she is welcoming and her smile can light up a room." - Laura

"Jamie has been a wonderful addition to our office team! She always puts people first and will do everything in her power to ensure our clients & caregivers are happy with their schedule! I have always appreciated the careful thought and time she puts into making great caregiver/client matches. Jamie is outgoing & kind and makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable! We are truly blessed and thankful to have Jamie as a part of our HCHC family!" - Lindsay

"Jamie is such a joy to work with! From my very first day, she has been friendly and welcoming. Now that I have worked with her for a while, I can easily see her dedication and her heart for helping others. She is friendly and welcoming to our caregivers, caring and dedicated to our clients, and outgoing and fun at the office! Her ready smile and laughter brightens the office every day!" - Haley

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