Spotlight- Jama Gillum

Jama is our Care Coordinator/Supervisor! She does a wonderful job overseeing client care and supervising our caregivers as well as our scheduling department. Here is a little more about her!

Tell us about yourself: A few years ago I started seeking out a job that would allow me to serve and help others. I took a leap of faith, and left the medical offices to start caregiving. Caregiving quickly became my passion. I truly believe God led me to HomeCourt Home Care for many reasons. Working for this company helped me find joy again, and my purpose in life! I've had many great office positions, but wasn't passionate about what I was doing. I've served in Church, but never had a job that I could serve others like I do now. As the Care Coordinator/Supervisor I help our clients, caregivers and our office staff. I love what I do because it's more like a ministry to me. Besides working to help others I also have a wonderful life outside of work. I have 3 fur babies, a loving man and a great family.

How long have you been with HomeCourt Home Care? I've been with HomeCourt Home Care since October 2019

What is your favorite part about working here? I love coming to work knowing we are all working together to make a difference in seniors lives. Knowing you're making a difference every day is a great feeling. I also enjoy working with my amazing work family!

What is your favorite dessert? I like anything chocolate, and pecan pie!

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas is my favorite holiday because our Savior was born! I also like having another reason to give to others!

What are some of your hobbies? I have many hobbies. I enjoy cooking/baking, traveling to zoos, crafting and enjoying nature.

Do you prefer coffee/tea? Coffee

What is your favorite flower? Orange Lily

Where is one place that you have always wanted to visit? I would like to visit Jerusalem and anywhere with a real Safari!

What would you do with $1 million? With 1 million dollars, I would live comfortably, do some traveling, donate to animal shelters and zoos. I would also help family, friends and anyone in need.

If you could have coffee with anyone (from the past or present), who would it be with and why? I would love to have coffee with my late Grandpa Clark. I would like to tell him everything I regret not saying while he was alive. I would like to hug him, and let him know how much I miss him. I would like to hear him say he loves me, and is proud of the decisions I've made in my life, one last time.

We here at HomeCourt think Jama is pretty great too! Here are some of our comments:

"Jama has been such a "God-Send" to HomeCourt Home Care. Her experience, dedication and passion for our clients shines through every day. Jama has a huge heart! I have worked with a lot of people and can honestly say that I learn something with each relationship. Jama is no exception - she has taught me how to listen more closely to achieve understanding, to let go of things not within my control and, to above all, - look to the Lord for guidance daily. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a "Jama" in their life and on their team!"

"Our Care Coordinator Jama is one of the reasons HomeCourt Home Care is able to serve its clients and caregivers so well! Jama genuinely cares about every person she interacts with. She is always encouraging others, whether that be caregivers, clients, families, or other office staff. She is such a resource of knowledge for caregivers, stays calm and level-headed even when situations are challenging, offers advice or just a listening ear when needed. Jama lives out her faith every day and we are so blessed to have her in HCHC leadership and in our lives. I admire countless qualities about Jama and am so thankful for her dedication."

"I am so blessed to be able to work with Jama! She is passionate about her work and faith, encouraging to everyone around her, and is such a fun person to be around!"

We loved showering Jama with gifts on her birthday, just as she gives to others on a daily