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Spotlight - Haley Neuenschwander

We are thrilled to introduce you to our wonderful Office Assistant, Haley! Haley is the first person guests meet when they walk in our doors, and she makes each person feel welcomed and seen. Haley has quickly become an invaluable support person for each department at HomeCourt Home Care. She goes above and beyond to support our office staff, and we could not operate as smoothly as we do without her! Get to know her a little more below!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am married to a wonderful man and am blessed with one child! I rely daily on God's grace and coffee! I love serving and helping others. My role at HomeCourt is the perfect fit for me! I welcome people coming in the office or on the phone, and help with other office duties so others can do their jobs well.

How long have you been with HomeCourt Home Care? Since January 2021

What is your favorite thing about working here? I love our mission here and our passion for enriching the lives of the seniors in our community! Knowing that I am helping in a small way gives me joy! And I love everyone I work with!

What is your favorite dessert? Tiramisu! Or anything with peanut butter!

What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving- it's such a good time to reflect on my blessings and be with family. And it's before all of the chaos of the holidays!

What are some of your hobbies? cooking/baking, walking, spending time with family, reading

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee...with lots of creamer!

What is your favorite flower? Hydrangeas

Where is one place you have always wanted to visit? Anywhere that I can see the Northern Lights!

What would you do with $1 million? Give to my favorite charities, travel to Europe, build a mini hobby farm at our house

If you could have coffee with anyone (from the past or present) who would it be with and why? My 2 sisters- we are very close! One of my sisters moved overseas and we haven't all been together in a very long time!

Here is what some of the other staff members have to say about Haley:

"Every business needs a smiling, happy and welcoming first impressions person! Our person knocks it out of the park!!!! Haley Neuenschwander is the most consistent, happy person I know. You can see the peace, joy and happiness that radiates from within her. God sent her to us at just the right time. When clients, caregivers or strangers walk in the door, they will be met with a smile and bright hello from our Haley. Her positive attitude means the world to us because we know she may be THE bright spot in someone's day.

Haley has so many great attributes. She has a strong work ethic, she tackles any project thrown her way with enthusiasm, creativity and efficiency. Haley has definitely been a most welcome addition to our team and we love her to pieces!!!!" -Laura

"Haley is a great asset to our team! She is always willing to jump in and help wherever is needed. She has a welcoming voice and smile. Her sweet spirit and kindness is so contagious. Haley is a true example of a great Christian woman, and a witness to everyone she comes into contact with. She is always thinking of others, and ways to brighten people's day. We love Haley and are so thankful she joined HCHC." -Jama

"Haley has been a great addition to the home court team. She is always willing to jump in and help with anything even if it isn’t a task she usually does. She is always so pleasant to work with and be around with a joyful heart. She goes above and beyond for our clients and caregivers, looking for ways to show them our appreciation . I am so thankful for the extra hand she is always willing to provide. We are so blessed to have her." -Jamie

"Haley has quickly become someone I count on and find myself relying upon all the time! She continues to look for ways to help others, even when her plate is plenty full! Not only is her work ethic outstanding, but she is a joy to be around. We held off on creating the position she is currently in for a long time because we knew we had to have the right person in that seat. When we met Haley, we knew without a doubt she was the one we had waited on for this role. I'm beyond thankful she chooses to share her gifts with us at HomeCourt!



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