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September 12- Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is just around the corner- Sunday, September 12. Grandparents always lavish their grandkids and families with love, gifts, and sweets. $52 billion is the amount that grandparents spend on their grandkids in a year, nationally.

Grandparents Day is a special day that we can do something for them in return. Make it GRAND- do something extra special and unexpected. Spend some extra time with them. Listen to their stories and gain some wisdom from their experiences.

Need some ideas on what you can do to make the day extra GRAND?

  1. Have the grandkids make a special card or craft to give to their grandparents.

  2. Make it a tradition to make a special trip to an ice cream shop or spend the day fishing together.

  3. Interview your grandparents- find out what life was like when they were growing up! They have lived through so much and have a lot of wisdom to share!

  4. Go through old photo albums together. Learn one of grandma's famous recipes. Work on a puzzle together.

  5. Have a family dinner!

  6. Live far away? Do a video chat or send a card.

Remember, even something small will go a long way in making the day "grand" for your grandparents!


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