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Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! Let’s raise awareness and support those around us who are impacted by this disease. Did you know:

  • Parkinson’s begins to affect people at about the age of 60, although early symptoms can occur gradually and subtly.

  • The disease affects roughly 50% more men than women.

According to the National Institute on Aging, Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder where nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls movement becomes impaired and/or dies. The main symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors or trembling in hands, arms, legs or head, stiffness, slow movements, and impaired balance and coordination. Cognitive problems like changes in mood and behavior and dementia are symptoms that can develop as the disease progresses.

Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, there are medications, surgical treatments and therapies that can help lessen symptoms and let those suffering with Parkinson's live a healthier and happier life. There are many support groups and networks to help those with Parkinson's disease and their families. One such group is Rock Steady Boxing.

Rock Steady Boxing is a non-profit organization that offers a no-contact boxing-based fitness program that is designed for all stages of Parkinson’s. Classes focus on boxing, strength, balance and coordination that is modified for each individual and their abilities. Research shows that rigorous exercise focusing on gross motor movement, balance, core strength, and rhythm can actually slow down the progression of the disease. They also offer support groups and camaraderie for spouses and caregivers. For more information about this amazing program, contact our friends at Bluffton’s Rock Steady Boxing gym at 260.824.6069 or go to their website: Rock Steady (


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