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Older Americans Month

Older Americans Month was established in 1963 and is celebrated every May. It's a time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and contributions of older Americans and to strengthen our commitment to honoring our older citizens! Every year there is a different theme to focus on during the month. This year, the theme is Aging Unbound. Aging should be about enjoying independence and this time in your life. There are many ways to celebrate "Aging Unbound". Here are few examples:

  • Embrace the opportunity to change- Find a new passion or hobby, go on an adventure you always wanted to experience, try new activities in your community. Trying new things can bring in more joy, energy, and growth, because we will never stop growing and changing!

  • Explore the rewards of growing older- With age comes knowledge. Knowledge provides insight and confidence to understand and experience the world. Continue to grow your knowledge through reading, listening, classes, and creative activities.

  • Stay engaged in your community- Everyone benefits when everyone is connected and involved. Some great ways to stay engaged is by volunteering, working, mentoring, participating in social clubs, or getting involved in activities at your local senior center.

  • Form relationships- Relationships are an essential ingredient of well-being and can enhance your quality of life! Invest time in people to form deeper connections with family, friends and those in your community.

HomeCourt Home Care honors our seniors for all the contributions they have made during their lives. The world would not be the same place without each individual and the impact they have made on the lives of those around them. We value each and every client and their life stories, for it has made them who they are today. Our number 1 goal is to honor their wishes and provide the best care possible as they age in place.


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