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Interview: Keesha

Keesha Niblick is next up in our staff interviews! As one of our care coordinators, Keesha brings so much to our team. She is a great team player, shows genuine kindness to everyone (and every animal) she meets, and does a great job keeping track of all of her clients and the caregivers that help them.

About my job:

I have been a Service Coordinator at HCHC since March of 2022. Some things included in my job are working with clients and caregivers to come up with their ideal schedules and communicating with case managers and families. I love the diversity of each day! I appreciate the career Homecourt has provided me! They have created an amazing work environment with a great team!

About me:

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Triston, and our pets. We have four dogs: Murphy (corgi), Mali (lab), Twiggy (corgi), and Cricket (aussie), along with two chinchillas, a leopard gecko, and a small poultry flock. Some of my hobbies include gardening, home projects, and couponing. I also enjoy attending sporting events, relaxing on the patio, and cruising around on our golf cart. 


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