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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Want to find the perfect gift for Mom? Here are some great ideas that we here at HomeCourt think would be the perfect thing to show your affection and appreciation to your mom!

- Legacybox- turns old photos and videos into digital copies so they can be treasured forever (Hint: They are running a Mother's Day Sale: 50% off!)

- Personalized jewelry (for the mom who likes some sparkle)

- Gift basket (for the mom who deserves some pampering)

- 9x13 hot pad (for the mom who loves to cook and host get togethers)

- Handmade leather journal (for the mom who likes to write her thoughts/prayers down)

- Chocolate (for all moms!)

- Hanging flower basket (Hint: Carnations are the official Mother's Day flower!)

Of course, the best gifts don't cost a thing! The little crafts that kids make that come straight from their heart! Homemade picture frames, painted hand prints, a small bouquet of flowers, or a simple card!

The best gift of all is spending time together- plan a special Mother's Day brunch or cookout! Take her out to a nice restaurant! Take some time to go visit your mom! Time spent with her family will mean more than any amount of money!

Happy Mother's Day!


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