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Creating a Winter Bucket List

The beginning of December has something magical about it. The excitement and joy of the coming holiday fills the air. There are special times with family and friends. And there are many fun activities to participate in. But some of the activities are harder to do the older we get.

We have come up with a "winter bucket list" of activities that seniors (and the entire family) can do. It provides a way to enjoy the colder months with activities, crafts, and other engaging winter activities. Try one, or all, of these fun ideas this winter.

  1. Look at Christmas lights- take a drive one evening and look at the beautiful Christmas lights. There are many organizations that put on wonderful light displays!

  2. Bake Christmas cookies or candy to give away- this is a great activity to do with family or friends or on your own. There is something about making special treats to give to neighbors or friends that brings a lot of joy to everyone involved.

  3. Make a scrapbook- do you have lots of pictures that document wonderful memories that you want to remember? Put them together in a scrapbook or photo album! You don't need lots of fancy paper or accessories. Simply arranging photos on a page and writing your memories down is all it takes.

  4. Set up bird feeders- Try setting up a bird feeder outside your window. Watching wildlife is such a peaceful and entertaining experience.

  5. Work on a jigsaw puzzle- Do you have a puzzle that has been sitting in your closet for a long time? Me too. Time to dust it off and put it together. Check with your local library to see if they have puzzles to borrow. While you are there, check out a new book!

  6. Join a book club- Do you enjoy reading? Consider joining a book club where you can read and discuss new books with other book lovers! Check with your local library for groups.

  7. Watch a Christmas movie- This is a fun one to do with family, grandkids, or friends. Pop some popcorn and sip hot cocoa while watching your favorites. It's a guaranteed way to make some special memories!

  8. Play boardgames- Playing boardgames/word searches/sudoku puzzles are wonderful ways to keep your mind sharp and keep you entertained on cold, snowy days.

  9. Send letters- consider writing letters to your extended families, shut-ins in your community, or military members away from their families. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  10. Learn a new skill online- Have you always wanted to learn how to knit, paint, or speak a new language? There are endless ways to learn new things online. Consider signing up for something new!

  11. Volunteer- There are so many needs around us all throughout the year, and especially in the winter. Consider helping out at a soup kitchen or food bank. Go through your closets and donate your old clothes to help those in need. Offer to babysit to allow mothers to finish their shopping lists or have a short break. There are so many ways to lend a helping hand!

What other activities do you want to add to your bucket list?


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